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Manufacturers Representatives:
3402 Oakcliff Rd Suite B-4 Atlanta, GA 30340
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Secom was founded in 1965 as an independent manufacturers⥰resentative firm. We serve the professional/commercial audio industries including systems integration, A/V, recording, MI, pro audio, background music, touring and cinema.

Since 1990, Secom has been active in the Conferencing Market. We service all of the local and national distributors, systems integrators, and consultants.

We employ four (4) field sales people located in three (3) offices (Atlanta, GA; Columbia, SC, Nashville, TN). There are an additional four (3) office support people.

The company principals are full time, active salesmen.

They are:

CEO: Edward H. Wolffe
Education: B.S. in Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
With Secom since 1967.

Additional sales and support people are:

Atlanta, GA

Shirley Hamilton, Sales Coordinator. Shirley has been with Secom since 1997.

Amy Fraga, Customer Support. Most likely when you call Secom, Amy's will be the first voice you hear and offer support for pricing, order entry and order status. Remember that Secom offers password protected on line pricing 24.7. Ask Amy for your ID-Password.

Columbia, SC

Carl Yandle, Vice President, holds a degree in marketing from University of South Carolina and an associateथgree in electronic engineering from Midlands Technical College. Carl had six years of experience in the systems contracting business before coming to us in July, 1990. Carl is responsible for sales inﲴh and South Carolina as well as Savannah and Augusta.

Nashville, TN

Terry Brady - As of September 2nd 2014, Terry is responsible for sales in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama.

Atlanta, GA office staff


Edith Fink, Accounting Manager, has a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree from SUNY.  She has been with SECOM since 1998.  In addition to small business administration, Edith has a background in nonprofit.

Secom currently supports a customer list of more than 600 active accounts, and is located in a 5,000 square foot, modern facility combining offices, multiple training/demo/meeting rooms and a warehouse.

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We have an inbound WATS service for our customers, two high capacity FAX machines/lines, a 24 terminal Ethernet PC based system with internet access at each desk as well as Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Our custom software package allows each sales and support person (office and field) instant access to: 3-year dealer sales history per manufacturer, the manufactureࣵstomer number, the manufactureೡles programs, plus all the normal addresses, telephone/fax numbers, contacts, speed dial number and much more. This system allows each user to update dealer information and to share information on dealer developments. It also allows our sales people to generate custom sales reports and do dealer mailings, giving them the best tools to manage their territories and time. This dealer sales data is automatically emailed to each field sales person on the 1st and 15th for importation to their individual iPhone for use in the field.

Our web domain,, was established in July 1995. Our general email address is Additionally, each individual has a unique email address allowing our manufacturers to address us individually or as a group. Most manufacturers send sales information to us via, and we then disperse the information appropriately. Dealers enjoy the advantage of sending their purchase orders to⤥rs@secom.comꏵr web site,, offers a link to each of our manufacturers product pages. As of 2002, our dealers are able to access their dealer pricing via our website with password protection. 堡lso have a unique access codehis pricing information for consultants as well.

A little bragging: we have six times been voted one of the nationയp rep firms by a write-in vote of our dealers in a Sound and Communications survey. This survey spanned six consecutive July issues between 1992 and 1997. We were the only rep firm to make the top list all six years. In the July 25, 1995 issue, we were clearly voted #1 in the United States, and we made promotional coffee cups for our customers to celebrate this fact. The magazine discontinued the survey in 1998.

We maintain a coveted position with the consultants in our territory. They are an important key to our systems integration success. We call on and service them with the same attention given our top dealers. I donനink itలesumptuous to say that our efforts have an "effect" on the equipment specified. Because of this level of service and our personal relationships, we know about projects and specifications as well as the invited bidders so that we can "close the loop" and get the orders.

We stage demonstrations, product comparisons, and make major end user calls in support of our dealers, consultants and manufacturers using information gathered from local business journals, manufacturers쥡ds and/or dealers鮶itations. It is our technical knowledge of our products that have made these calls successful and supportive of our dealers妦orts, and it is what distinguishes us from many of our competitors.

For demonstration events, we invest many hours arranging facilities, equipment, hotels and food. This, and the extra effort of repeated dealer and consultant contact prior to the event, insures that the attendance at our demonstration events will meet everyoneॸpectations.


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